No Two Buildings Are Alike

AES Building Services’ comprehensive approach to building services ensures that the activities, processes, and workflows required to properly manage and maintain a property are specific and targeted to each individual customer. This includes a basis for planning, scheduling, and executing planned and preventative maintenance that extends to the entire facility and its supporting infrastructure, including utility systems, structures, and grounds.

Facilities Condition Assessment

AES Building Services begins with a thorough inspection of a facility’s current condition from the roof down to the plumbing and everything in between, including the building exterior, mechanical systems, and life-cycle analysis of equipment. A plan of action, including preventative maintenance procedures and asset tracking and reporting procedures, is provided so that a systematic and task-oriented approach to managing your building’s infrastructure can be established and executed.

We assess and maintain the condition of all systems of a commercial building:

Building Envelope
We complete a comprehensive review of a building's interior and exterior to identify deficiencies and develop a plan of action.

Mechanical Systems
Complete a thorough assessment of the current life cycle position of all mechanical systems and equipment and identify deferred maintenance, if any.

Lumen testing of all lighting is completed to identify potential improvements in energy efficiency, illumination, and comfort.

Life Cycle Analysis
Identify the expected life of equipment and, based on current condition, where each asset is currently positioned.

All components of the roofing systems, from materials and flashing to age and damage, is completed and a report provided.

Building Management

Managing a commercial building requires an investment of time and a level of expertise that most businesses cannot afford or do not possess. By partnering with AES Building Services businesses can focus on their day-to-day operations and leave the management of their facility to professionals who have the required capacity and knowledge to get the job done right.

A comprehensive approach to Building Management:

Maintenance Personnel Staffing
Trained maintenance staff will be assigned to your building to execute your facilities management plan.

Preventative Maintenance Planning and Tracking
A preventative maintenance plan and schedule of activities will be developed, executed, and tracked.

On-call and Emergency Service
A full-time staff is available 24-hours a day, including weekends and holidays, to address any emergencies.

Facilities Strategic Planning / Recommendations
A long-term replacement strategy, based on the condition of your on-site equipment and its life-cycle status, will be developed.

Asset Tracking and Reporting
To efficiently track your facility's assets, a unique barcode id is created and entered into a web-based software system that organizes equipment data.

Energy Management

AES Building Services provides a thorough assessment of your energy consumption and will help you identify opportunities to save energy and increase performance opportunities, including ENERGY STAR Rating.

  • Energy Audit (how you use energy)
  • Consumption and cost tracking normalized for weather
  • Utility rate analysis
  • Building automation and monitoring
  • Energy reduction (ROI) to address any emergencies