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AES Building Services can assist you in leveraging your building’s assets to increase their value and create revenue through savings.

AES Lifecycle Planning


With our Asset Management Plan, AES Building Services creates a roadmap for you to optimize operational costs. 

AES Onsite Services


We identify the links between facilities and operations to develop strategies for creating and maximizing value at every level. 

We are not a contractor —

We Are an Advisor, Planner & Partner

By partnering with AES Building Services businesses can focus on their day-to-day operations and leave the management of their facility to professionals who have the required capacity and knowledge to get the job done right.


Turn your cost centers into revenue generators.

Proof of Concept

Maintaining a Safe, Secure, and Healthy Environment

Managing several individual buildings spread over a large geographic area presents many challenges, especially when that building network is part of a school. AES Building Services worked in partnership with the school to develop an asset and property management agreement to self-perform all work across a portfolio of eight buildings.

Utility Saving Solution

Utilities are generally one of a commercial building’s most expensive operating costs. In many cases, electric, heating, and cooling bills can increase exponentially over time due to aging, inefficient equipment, or waste. AES Building Services works with customers to optimize their energy consumption and eliminate sources of waste.

Operations and Management

The City of Akron was looking for a single provider that could conduct general maintenance services and mechanical repairs for all city-owned buildings, including City Hall. AES Building Services implemented an Integrated Building Management program that included comprehensive facility assessments and a preventative maintenance plan.

Company Overview

AES Building Services is composed of a team of experienced, trained, and certified analysts, planners, engineers, and technicians who operate and maintain complex, expansive public utilities, institutional campuses, and individual buildings.

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