The systems that provide service to public institutional properties are often part of a complex, interconnected network.

AES Building Services offers a new way to manage your building’s critical systems. Our team of engineers and technicians look under the hood and check the vital signs of your building. With a thorough understanding of the relationship between the equipment, assemblies, and components, we develop a building plan that provides guidance for decreasing life-cycle operation and maintenance costs and extending the lifespan of facility systems by prioritizing equipment recommissioning over replacement.

Asset Management Strategy

Life Cycle Analysis

  • Facility survey/asset tracking plan
  • Positioning in life cycle > Ahead or behind expectations
  • Replacement/upgrade strategy — Capital Planning

Life Safety/Risk Management

  • Emergency/backup Generator management
  • Fire system management plan
  • Emergency and egress lighting management plan

Contract Aggregation/Management 

  • Elevator
  • Fire System 
  • Security
  • Generator
  • Utility

Asset Inspection and Proactive Maintenance

  • Time interval based on OEM recommendations and customer requirements
  • A comprehensive inspection of equipment operation
  • Deficient condition reporting with recommendations for resolution
  • Equipment failure analysis with improvement plan, if applicable
  • Quality Control Program

Utility Analysis

  • Consumption and cost tracking 
  • Data normalized for weather
  • Efficiency improvement plan

Complete Facility Management and Support

  • On-site staffing
  • "Pool" staff fill-in
  • Creating Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each building system
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Intelligent building automation and controls improve performance

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Preventative and predictive maintenance extends equipment lifecycle

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Onsite technicians maintain mechanical equipment