HVAC Technician


Operate, maintain and repair all equipment used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This includes operations of a central heating plant utilizing steam and/or hot water for tempering or heating building, and a central chilled water plant to provide cooling to all buildings.
Provides excellent customer service to create a comfortable environment. 

  • 1-4 years direct experience in HVAC maintenance.
  • Working knowledge of Electrical, HVAC, Hot water, steam heating systems
  • Building automation systems: basic operation and utilize the control programs for troubleshooting.
  • Understand the different types of air distribution systems such as VAV/VVT, FCU, Hotdeck/Colddeck, etc.
  • Learn locations of all HVAC equipment and how they relate to each building.
  • Maintain and repair all HVAC equipment and components to manufacturer’s recommendation,
  • i.e. valves, motors, belts, bearings, filters, and lubrication etc.
  • Learn basics of equipment management controls to be able to start, stop, seek status or change conditions on HVAC systems.
  • Make rounds of all equipment rooms identifying and repairing any potential problems and keep the systems and rooms clean.
  • Complete and close out Work Orders in the CMMS and enter time worked and materials used.
  • Valid Ohio driver’s license
  • Able to lift 80 lbs.
  • Work from a ladder or lift
  • Any other duties as assigned.
  • Ability to prepare boilers for State inspection, including any refractory work, cleaning and installing new seals on shell of boiler and water side inspection ports.
  • Ability to replace bearings and seals on centrifugal pumps, change bearings on fan systems, motors and pumps shafts.
  • Ability to operate both Boiler and Chiller plants to maintain system temperatures and equipment runtimes.
  • Familiar with cooling tower operations and repair potential problems.
  • Ability to service various HVAC systems including split systems, chillers packaged units etc.

This is a great opportunity for an HVAC technician to learn new systems and grow with our expanding company.