Energy Management

PROBLEM: The steam trap is an essential part of any steam system. It is the important link between good steam and condensate management, retaining steam within the process for maximum utilization of heat, but releasing condensate and incondensable gases at the appropriate time. When steam traps fail, it can lead to damage to steam piping and process equipment, increases in steam consumption and load on the boiler, and comprised safety.

A local hospital system needed a thorough steam trap inspection program to ensure their steam system was functioning properly and efficiently.

SOLUTION: AES Building Services completed a thorough assessment of the entire steam-line of the hospital’s network of buildings. This included the inspection of more than 140 steam traps. It was determined than more than a third of the steam traps needed repair because they were leaking or were emitting steam due to failure. Once the faulty traps were either repaired or replaced, the entire steam delivery system was tested and found to be operating properly.

AES Building Services has now implemented a systematic steam trap maintenance program that includes scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance.

Steps taken by AES Building Services have led to a more efficient system that will net an annual estimated savings of $35,000.