Maintaining Safe Work Environments

PROBLEM: Fire stations within a local municipality were looking to improve indoor air quality to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 and maintain healthy operating conditions for first responders.

SOLUTION: AES Building Services was already executing a preventative maintenance program for all 14 fire stations in the municipality, so we were called upon to implement a comprehensive pandemic program to maintain safe working conditions within the individual stations. AES Building Services installed bipolar ionization (BPI) in the fire stations’ HVAC systems, also called needlepoint bipolar ionization. BPI is an indoor air quality method that involves air cleaners that are installed in HVAC systems to create reactive ions or reactive oxygen species in the air, which react with airborne contaminants such as viruses. This air-cleaning technology is often used in hospitals, schools, hotels, airports, government buildings, sports arenas, office buildings and residences.

AES Building Services also installed new building controls that will monitor indoor air quality and completed installation of new high efficiency air filters that will be changed monthly.
By employing technological methods of controlling the spread of COVID-19 inside buildings, AES Building Services has provided the municipality’s fire stations with a solution that will provide long-term health and efficiency benefits.