Operations and Management

PROBLEM: A local municipality was looking for a single provider that could conduct general maintenance services and mechanical repairs for all city-owned buildings, including City Hall. The city had previously used a variety of service providers which had led to uncertain and rising costs and continuous equipment failures.

SOLUTION: AES Building Services implemented an Integrated Building Management program that included a comprehensive review of the equipment at community centers, sporting complexes, public service, and utility facilities, and community safety buildings. Once the thorough assessment was completed, a planned preventative maintenance schedule was developed and implemented.

This approach has allowed the city to improve the operation of their mechanical systems and eliminate downtime. These improvements have resulted in reduced operating and capital investment costs. By reducing the number of suppliers from six to one, the City has recognized a more consistent approach and reduce the response time for emergency calls.

AES Building Services also introduced a new computer and maintenance management system (CMMS) to ensure tasks are prioritized correctly and that the inventory and labor required of multiple projects are in place. The CMMS also captures all work orders and provides instant access to reports.