Protection Through Prevention

 PROBLEM: Municipalities own and operate networks of buildings that serve many different purposes and are often spread out across a vast geographic area. Maintaining and supervising the operation of fire suppression equipment in those buildings can be a complex and costly task. A Northeast Ohio Municipality faced such a challenge and required a trained, professional partner to assist them to ensure the safety of each buildings tenants as well as the structures themselves.

SOLUTION: Following a period of research and consultation, AES Building Services developed a plan for testing fire suppression equipment and alarm systems and instituted a training program that aligned with the processes and procedures per insurance company standards and requirements to maintain coverage. AES Building Services also introduced a program to tag all fire protection equipment and provided information through a new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This robust CMMS program will assist in organizing the municipality’s assets while managing work order data for monthly and yearly reporting.

AES Building Services plans, and processes have solved the municipality’s insurance compliance issues while reducing their annual premium.