Utility Savings Solution

PROBLEM: Utilities are generally one of a commercial building’s most expensive operating costs. In many cases, electric, heating, and cooling bills can increase exponentially over time due to aging, inefficient equipment, or waste.

Bounce Innovation Hub in downtown Akron had seen their building’s utility costs rise each quarter over the last several years. They were looking for an energy management solution to get the situation under control when they contacted AES Building Services.

SOLUTION: AES Building Services works with customers to optimize their energy consumption and eliminate sources of waste. The process with Bounce Innovation Hub began with a complete energy audit. The process included a utility rate analysis, a review of the building controls, weather-related usage records.

Following the audit and analysis, building automation and monitoring equipment and practices were implemented along with an energy reduction plan. The results were a reduction in total energy costs, and improved occupant comfort for the nine-story, 307,000 square feet of mixed-use space building.

Ongoing improvements have also resulted in a 38% reduction in annual steam use representing over $200,000 in savings.